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The Certificate Portal is designed to meet the needs of graduates of this prestigious university in the aspect of collection of their certificates. This portal is very important as it helps such graduates to know how to apply for their certificate and when such certificates will be ready.

The first thing to do in these portal is to register an account that you will use to follow up whatever thing you want to do on the Certificate Portal of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. From there you can start with the application for your certificate. You will be asked to fill in the required details and then await an email message as regards the status of the application. The graduate can also view the certificate status to know if the certificate is ready. This can be done at any time. To make changes to information supplied requires a long process and it is therefore important to put in the right details. This though can be done in the edit section.

There is a big deal now with technology and this portal is a provision of efficient technology at everyone's convenience. You can visit support in your account whenever you have challenges and we will respond to you via your email.

We are all advised to note that the amount to be paid for the certificates for the different categories that is below:

      Graduates before 2014 - 4500.00 NGN
      2014 Graduates - 6500.00 NGN
      2015 Graduates and beyond - 10000.00 NGN
      Diploma Graduates - 5000.00 NGN
      PG Graduates - 12000.00 NGN

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